Tips on Preparing for a Dog Competition

If you are perhaps thinking of taking your dog to any type of competition, you need to know that there is a lot of preparation required. You and your dog need to be well prepared so that you do not get stressed as the day gets nearer. There are many types of competitions and shows available for dogs depending on their breed and size. If you do your in-depth research carefully, you will definitely find what works for you.

Tips on Preparing a Dog for a Competition

  • Ensure that your dog is healthy: Before you consider getting your dog into any form of competition, you should ensure that they are healthy. Make a trip to your vet and have them checked; from fur to body, so that you can be absolutely certain that your dog will not be sick during or before the competition.
  • Go for dog competitions: As much as there are many videos and photos of dogs in competitions, it would really help if you could go to a real one to have a genuine feel of it. You should also do a lot of research so that you know what exactly is expected of you and your dog.
  • Check if your dog meets the requirements: Every competition comes with specific rules. Some will insist that they want only a pure bred dog for the competition. The conditions are always determined by the organisers and the purpose of the event. The requirements will also list for you the equipment you need to have for your dog, including a harness, collar or leash. You will also get to know the kind of grooming expected.
  • Train your dog: This part is especially important if your dog has never been to a competition. Your dog should be able to learn how to walk, and you should also know the pace you are expected to keep when walking. If you are not sure, you can work with a dog trainer while you continue watching more dog shows.
  • Know when to stop As much as you want your pet to excel in the competition, sometimes, your dog is not just ready. Do not push it too much if you realise that your dog is getting anxious and agitated whenever you try to train them for the competition. If you understand that they are not ready, maybe you should drop it and try again when there is another competition.