Tips on perfect dog photography

Photographing dogs is fun, since they provide very interesting and cute photos. When you catch them in their element, you will be able to capture some of the most beautiful shots in pet photography. If you are a professional photographer, you should be able to master some of the tips that will enable you to capture images that make you stand out.

How to get perfect dog pictures

  • Make the shutter speed fast: as It is not easy to get dogs to sit still in one position for long. They are always in motion, and if it is not their whole body, they will be folding their ears or wagging their tails. You should use a fast shutter speed so that you can effectively capture motion.
  • Get on their level: It makes better photos if you take photos while you are on the same eye level with the dog. The images look more realistic than if you take from a high angle.
  • Get to know the dog: Just like you do with a human model, it is important to know the dog you are working with before you start clicking away. If it belongs to someone else, ask them about the dog’s personality, and if possible, spend a few hours studding and playing with the dog until you get a feeling that you understand the dog.
  • Mix things up: Go for a variety of shots by capturing the dog in different angles and emotions. If you want deep emotions, capture the face and eyes. If you want to capture their personality, get them when they are playing by themselves or with their owners and other dogs.
  • Be spontaneous: As much as most photographers like waiting for the perfect moment for the magical shot, it sometimes helps to be spontaneous. Put your camera on burst mode and take photos of a sequence. Let your creative juices flow and do not feel limited by rules. Try out as many things as you can, and stick with what you think works.
  • Try wide angle lenses: It is not usual to use a wide angle length to capture an object. These kind of lenses are always used in landscape photography but when you are taking photos of small dogs, you should try using wide angle lens so that you get more depth and action.
  • Aim for natural lighting: It is not wrong to take dog photos in a studio, depending on the look you are going for. However, if you want a good shot, you should try as much as possible to use natural light, Even when you are indoors, open up the windows and let in light.
  • Prepare the subject (dog): Take some time getting the dog acquainted with the photography session. If they have never been to a shoot before, you can imagine how confusing it will be for them to hear shutters clicking and watching you as you follow them with a camera. You should prepare them by having some sort of rehearsal. You should also have their favorite treats ready so that when they start panicking, you give them their treats and pet them so that they know they are okay.

Whether you are a beginner of expert photographer, capturing pets requires patience and it is a learning process every time you have to photograph a dog.