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What are the specs required for images to be uploaded or rules for uploading?

1. Images must be RGB JPG or TIF format only
2. You must own the full copyright to any image you upload. This means you must be the photographer that took the image.
3. File sizes: the optimal image size is 640×480 pixels, although we can resize larger images to meet our format requirements.
4. Entering keywords and descriptions: be descriptive. Include some information about your dog and use a title other than ‘dog’ or ‘puppy’.
5. Make sure your image doesn’t have any clearly visible people.
6. Legal notice: uploading images that belong to somebody else (copyright or otherwise) may have legal ramifications.

When you press the submit button, your image enters the queue and will not show live. We must first review the submission and resize the photograph to fit our format. Please be patient, your image will be processed in turn. We’ll try our best to see that your photograph is posted as soon as possible.

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