Q. What does it cost to post my dog’s picture?

A. Nothing. Zip. It’s absolutely 100% free.

Q. Do I need to be a professional photographer to submit?

A. Absolutely not! Anyone is free to submit, but choose your best photograph – one that will make your pooch proud.

Q. Can my photograph include a human?

A. You should send us photographs without any identifiable human faces in the image. We don’t want cause any jealously issues between you and your dog – and besides, human images require a complicated model release to be signed.

Q. How big should the photograph be?

A. The maximum size we can display is 500 pixels wide, so a 640×480 pixel image is ideal, but we will resize it for you if it is larger.

Q. What format should the photograph be?

A. RGB JPG format works best, but we can also convert tif images.

Q. How long until my picture shows?

A. We review each submission and resize the photograph to fit our format. We’ll try our best to see that your photograph is posted as soon as possible. Please be patient, your image is in the queue, and will be processed in turn. We’re overworked, underpaid (as in nada), but love our job.

Q. Why do I need to give a valid email address to submit a picture?

A. When you submit a picture, you are granting us usage rights to post it on our site. We need valid contact information in the unlikely event any question of photograph ownership comes up.

Q. Will I get SPAM after I give you my email address?

A. No! We hate SPAM more than a cold wet nose in the morning. We don’t rent, sell, or give “peeks” of our email addresses to anyone. You won’t get any email from us unless we have a question about your photograph. At no time will you receive any sort of promotional email – period.

Q. Why must I be the copyright holder? Who is the copyright holder?

A. When a photograph is taken, the photographer establishes an automatic copyright on the image. We only allow copyright holders to submit photos for your protection. Submitting a photograph you don’t own/or have taken subjects you to legal ramification and payment of usage fees. People can and have been sued and prosecuted for copyright infringement, so please don’t submit photographs you’ve found on the web or don’t own (no matter how cute they may be).

Q. How should I rate a dog picture?

A. This is really up to the individual. You can rate based on photograph quality, composition, cuteness – however you want. You can vote on as many photographs you choose, but please only vote once per image.