Brewer at 6 months old. You are still loved dearly Brew, I hope to see you again, someday.

This was my wonderful German Shepherd ‘Brewer.’ Due to divorce and being a single mother, I couldn’t afford to keep him. Sadly I have to give him up to a local animal shelter here in Wisconsin. My 2 year old son and Brewer were VERY close, they had a bond that was very true. They grew up together in the year that we had him and it broke my heart to have to give him up. What hurt’s the most is that I don’t know how he is doing to this day. I loved him, and still do. He is the best companion my son and I have ever had. In the hard times when my ex- husband left, my home was so hard to heat. It was an older farm home and the only source of heat was from a very small wood burning stove in the dining room. A small wood burner in a large 4 bedroom house… it was pure hell. Brewer slept in the same bed as my son and I and it if weren’t for him, we would have never stayed warm through the night. He was so gentle with my son, I can still see them playing in my mind and I remember how soft he was with his mouth, he never played rough with him, no matter how far my son tried to stretch his gowls or how hard he pulled Brewer’s tail. Please, if you can help me find our dog I would be forever greatful. It’s been months and not a day has went by that I haven’t thought of him and longed to feel his ‘ I love you ‘ kisses.

German Shepherd

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